Linda Stirling Publishing Expert

Meet Linda Stirling. She has been working with authors for years, plus she’s an international bestselling author herself, both with traditionally published and self-published works. Over the years, she saw that publishers were doing less and less for authors, expecting their writers to market the work, yet taking the lion’s share of the profits. Often, great books were simply fizzling away into oblivion because the publishers lost interest. She also saw that even with coaching, self-published writers weren’t being consistent in their marketing. There wasn’t a good solution.

After seeing what she could do to get authors’ books to rank well and continue to do well, she decided it was time to provide what authors needed: a publisher that actively marketed books; treated writers fairly; helped them build their careers; and was approachable. Her vision was to create a publishing house where everyone worked for the good of the whole . . . writers supporting writers with the publisher serving as the guide and marketer. With this decision, THE PUBLISHING CIRCLE was born.

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