The 7 Levels of Performance: The Athlete’s Playbook for Getting in the Zone

Having an athletic mindset is something that can be developed. You, too, can develop a champion mindset with this guide to inner excellence. Fine athletes and winning teams get into “The Zone”, a place you can learn to get into more often for your sport.

Whether you’re coaching athletes, or want to follow a proven method that assists you in improving your athletic performance, you’ll find tips and techniques that will help you achieve your goals, no matter the sport, inside The Seven Levels of Performance.

You will learn about:

1. The seven levels of performance
2. The Zone
3. How to build a trigger to get in the zone
4. How to handle common zone blocks such as loss, injury, and loss of motivation

Getting in the zone consistently gives you the edge. It involves mental toughness but ends up going well beyond it because it makes performance seem effortless, timeless, creative, and awesome. So that means having your best and most enjoyable performances. And that can define your legacy

Generating Your Own Happiness: It’s Time for Purpose, Passion, and Power

Have you reached a level of success, yet regularly feel discouraged or buried and burdened by obligation?

Or are you working so, so hard to reach your goals and you feel like the kind of happiness you want is just outside your reach, but if you just work a little harder you’ll get there?

Do you find yourself wondering what happened to your enthusiasm and love for life?

Do you feel you’re on a search for fulfillment, but don’t know what to do to make that happen?

Are you ready to become truly happy and fulfilled?

Inside Generating Your Own Happiness, you’ll find how to:

  • Unveil the pitfalls that leave you feeling stuck
  • Discover your inner workings and identify the source of real happiness
  • Challenge your status quo and push through to new heights
  • Gain the know-how to claim and live a life that fills your heart with joy

“Discover the keys to your kingdom. This book outlines the happiness skillset one must absorb to truly achieve a rich and fulfilling life—the skill set of knowing and understanding yourself.” Vickie Helm, Best-selling author of Ultimate Freedom: Unlock the Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity

Awaken to a Happier Life

Author Coralee Kulman – Coming Soon

Champions Never Make Cold Calls

Finding prospects is everyone’s dilemma.

Champions Never Make Cold Calls tells you how to find prospects that turn into clients and how to do so without ever making a cold call. At the same time, you can quickly build a network of hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are excited to send you referrals.

Never again spend all your time networking and prospecting.

Champions Never Make Cold Calls shows you exactly how to build your Champions’ Network with a simple step-by-step process. Included are processes for finding and acquiring your Champions—those who are willing, ready, and able to help you grow your business.

  • Have others do your high-impact, low-cost lead generation.
  • Never make another cold call—no matter what business you’re in.
  • Build your won powerful network of Champions that will refer business to you for a lifetime.
  • The Champions’ Network is your golden ticket for building a flourishing business.

Included are bonus phone scripts. Armed with this information, it’s straightforward, easy, and comfortable to add people to your business-building network.

You need this book if you’re serious about building your business!

Straight Talk: Thriving in Business

Are you just “getting by” in business? Do you want substantial growth?

Whether you’re a solopreneur who needs the best small business advice or you have a large, established business that needs the best business advice for growth, Straight Talk: Thriving in Business will show you how to skyrocket sales and keep business flowing.

This book is for you if you need advice for starting up a business, small business advice for an existing small business, business expansion advice no matter the size of the business, or want  the kind of home  business advice that keeps profit flowing.

Included in the book are valuable bonuses like these:

  • Checklist for Your Start-Up
  • Business Evaluation
  • Leadership Review
  • Task Prioritation Checklist
  • Grass Roots Negotiation Tips
  • A Monthly/Quarterly Business Review Checklist

Six-time winner of the Brian Tracy Award for Sales Excellence representing the FocalPoint International Business Coach of the Year, Danny Creed understands the issues that business owners and executives face. He’s been there and experienced all the good and the bad first-hand. His experience comes from years “on the streets” and “in the trenches” with 14 successful startup businesses to his credit plus over 400 “turn-around” projects. Coach Dan is uniquely qualified to assist the executive, entrepreneur, or sole proprietor business owner. He’s been in his client’s shoes, so he truly understands their needs.

If you want ONE book on building and maintaining a successful business, this is it.

Super Cyclist: Saves The Day

For as long as he can remember, John has lived his life from a wheelchair. He longed to become a crime fighter – the sort of hero who defeats criminals and defends the just.

But when friends and family mocked and discouraged his dream, he wondered if they were right. How could a wheelchair-bound person achieve such lofty and noble goals?

Yet John refuses to give up. He works day-in-and-day-out at growing physically strong and mentally smart, and along the way learns new skills and enhances the gifts and qualities born within.

Someday, he believes, he will prove everybody wrong. A can-do tale, Super Cyclist is for every child who, like John, holds tight to their dream of becoming more than their physical limitations.

A Caregiver’s Conversations with God

Life didn’t just seem perfect, it was perfect. Her perfect “Hollywood Handsome” man appeared and soon they were married. Then little signs showed up that indicated something was going on with Jack. Before long, doctor visits became the norm, then Debby became Jack’s caretaker.

Throughout it all, she talked to God, sharing with Him her joy, her heartbreak, her worries.

In Debby’s diary, you will experience life exactly as it unfolded for this woman of God who at times wondered if He was listening. Share in her joy, her sadness, and most of all, in her great love of God.

Career Mapping: Planning Your Career on Purpose

By Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

Do you know where you going professionally? The saying that if you fail to plan you are planning to fail is particularly true for your career. If you don’t like the direction your career has gone, a lack of a solid career plan is to blame.

Maybe you never gave a career plan any thought before now. It’s never too late to put your career on track and finally enjoy the dreams you had in store for yourself. You can create the kind of career plan that takes into account job promotions, more responsibility or even a career change.

Written as a workbook, you will discover the important steps to take and it will help you easily create your own plan by the time you finish the book. Here’s what you’ll learn to position yourself for a powerful career:

– How to create short-term and long-term goals that create accountability – How to conduct a gap analysis that will verify the actions you are planning are the right ones – How your process will help you gain supporters and mentors to help you achieve your goals! – Wake up every day with the confidence that you know where you’re headed and what you are doing to get you there!

“It is easy to say I want more from my work and career” but it can be difficult to know where to start. Never fear. This easy-to-digest book makes it do-able. Dorothy Tannahill-Moran has kept it simple and straight-forward.” Hannah Morgan, Career Sherpa

Easier Networking For Introverts and the Socially Reluctant

By Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

You can stop dreading meeting new people.As vital as networking or building relationships are to your career, the good news is you can master the process without a complete personality makeover.

If you’re like a lot of people, the idea of going to an event full of strangers is right up there with a root canal. You get tongue-tied simply knowing how to start up a conversation and after a couple of painful minutes you run out of things to say. Awkward.

You never have to dread encounters with new people ever again. Written by an introvert for other introverts, this actually works for everyone.

Designed as a 4-part guide, each part (or pillar as the author calls them) builds on the other to give you a framework you can apply now and throughout your career. Here’s how you’ll benefit from reading this book:

Pillar #1 – Discover the building blocks necessary to develop ALL relationships both professional and personal that you can use immediately

Pillar #2- Where the best – and worst – places are to expand your network and meet new people. Learn how to avoid wasting your time where you don’t naturally connect

Pillar #3- Effective (and easy) ways to engage and interact with everyone, including new people, starting from how you begin a conversation all the way to how to end a conversation

Pillar #4- How to maintain your network long-term and keep your momentum going Finally, here’s some guidance on networking that won’t make you cringe or embarrass you.

You will quickly gain the confidence and mastery of networking that you thought was only for a lucky few people. If you liked “Quiet” or “How to Win Friends & Influence People” you’ll want to put this book on your list. “We all know that networking matters. Great jobs, great opportunities all seem to flow from great relationships… Despite knowing the importance and virtue of networking, I have always been reluctant to engage in it. I loved the approach particularly in Pillar #3: strategies on how to engage with your network and create lasting, mutually beneficial connections. I particularly liked the specific tips on how to both start and end conversations (something I had struggled with in the past). Thanks for writing this great book.” Ben Sands, Best-Selling Author – Regret-Free Personal Finance

Elevator Speeches That Get Results: Create A 30 Second Introduction For Greater Success

By Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

You’re nicely dressed and striking all the body language to be just the right person others want to meet and remember. What do you say when they ask you the inevitable question “What do you do?”

If your 30-second answer is boring, cringe-worthy or forgettable, the rest of your preparation is worthless.

That doesn’t have to be you.

Guided by this short book, you’ll discover how to easily create a “wardrobe” of Elevator Speeches, which will be powerful and memorable, for every occasion and all types of people. Even better, you will find multiple uses for your Elevator Speech to reinforce your Personal Brand.

Developed by a pro, this simple-to-follow method has been successfully used by herself and hundreds of business owners, corporate professionals and non-profit executives she has taught.

In this book you’ll find:

– The 3-part Elevator Speech formula–easy to create and powerful to deliver.
– Recognize a great Elevator Speech and how it fits into your Personal Branding.
– Insights into Neuroscience that apply to your Elevator Speech, as well as your overall success.
– Examples you’ll use repeatedly with Before and After Elevator Speech makeovers.
– Multiple ways to use your Elevator Speech that make so much sense you’ll smack your head that you hadn’t thought of them!

Make the right first impression. The kind that people will remember for all the right reasons. You can be on the right track as early as today.

If you liked “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” or “The Four Hour Workweek” you’ll want to add this book to your list.

“Having worked in Corporate America and as an entrepreneur in my own business, I understood on some level the value and role of the Elevator Speech. However, Dorothy Tannahill-Moran hit the nail on the head in her book, Elevator Speeches That Get Results. In this quick easy read, I gained a deeper appreciation for the Elevator Speech as a tool for managing my personal brand. This little gem not only offers suggestions for how to use a well-crafted Elevator Speech, but also provides helpful tips for creating one, if not several. I especially appreciated her insight into what works and doesn’t work in creating and delivering an Elevator Speech and have been inspired to re-write my own. Well Done!” Kristen Clark -Confidence Coach, Award-Winning Author, Editor, Publisher

PERSONAL BRANDING: A Simple Guide to Reinvent & Manage Your Brand for Career Success

By Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

If you want to get ahead, you have to be memorable. You can create the kind of image for yourself that helps you lock down jobs, makes promotions a snap, and gain interest from your customers. You might think what you “bring to the table” is clear and desirable but what you offer to others may not be clear at all.

Maybe you’ve felt like your tongue got stuck in your throat at networking meetings when people asked, “So, what is it that you do?” You never have to be caught in the headlights again. You’ll do that by taking a short and easy journey, guided gently by the hands of a pro who’s worked with hundreds of people just like you.

Designed in workbook form, you’ll both learn and write the template for your own personal brand at the same time – crafting a brand that’s in alignment with your goals. Figure out, align your goals and reinforce your Personal Brand:- Determine WHAT your brand is today, so you know what to change- Gain clarity on what your Personal Brand needs to be to support your goals- Communicate and demonstrate your brand at work, on social media and other critical places to reinforce your preferred branding – Learn how to do damage control when you blunder (which will happen at some point) – Learn how to reinvent and change your brand when your goals change Don’t get stuck in dead-end jobs or be overlooked anymore.

When you complete this workbook your own brand will pop out like the “S” on Superman’s chest. You’ll be comfortable telling others what you’re all about. Best of all, your branding will be aligned with your dreams.

If you liked “What Color Is My Parachute” or “No More Monday’s: Fire Yourself-and Other Revolutionary Ways to Discover Your True Calling at Work”, you’ll want to add this book to your list.

“Easy to read and a snap to go through and institute. I can see where anyone would benefit, whether they’re just starting their career or reinventing themselves. This is a classic I’ll refer to if I ever decide to switch careers again.”- Amazon Reviewer

Accelerate Your Career – Even With A Bad Boss: A New Approach to Managing Up

By Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

Are you feeling stuck in your career because of a bad boss? Learn how to turn that around for your career success.

Most people have had a bad boss. If that’s the case for you now, you will benefit from learning how to turn a challenging situation into a beneficial one.

In Accelerate Your Career (Even With a Bad Boss – A New Approach to Managing Up) you’ll learn:

• how to assess the situation from a perspective you might not have considered
• how to overcome intimidation
• how to step into self-empowerment is a way that creates a “win” for all concerned
• how to avoid performance issues
• how to use documentation for growth
• how to use constructive listening to improve your position
• how to develop an improvement plan
• how to assess yourself
• how to deal with personality differences
• how to keep from engaging with co-workers in a manner that may be detrimental to your career growth
• how to take advantage of different communication styles
• how to use four essential building blocks to develop a different relationship
• how to view the types of bad bosses and methods to manage-up with each
• how to disagree without getting fired
• how to deal with a friend who becomes a boss
• and so much more

Keep your career not only alive but thriving. Read Accelerate Your Career – Even With A Bad Boss now.

Nurturing Your Writing Calm: Connecting Calm and Creativity in a Consistent Writing Practice

By Coralee A. Nelson & Marguerite Jane Jones

Nurturing Your Writer’s Calm (NYWC) is for you, the hesitant writer. You have a heartfelt desire to write, but somehow you get stuck. NYWC teaches you how to get into the optimal state so your creativity flows easily. The three-step process, designed to usher you into your unique place of creativity, is both simple and innovative.

Writer’s block is now a thing of the past. Seriously. You can’t help but write when you follow these supportive techniques that help you harness your creativity.

What’s more, there are only three steps that take ten minutes a day.

Isn’t it time you produced usable content that both intrigues and fulfills you?

Buy this book now and quickly build your creativity muscle and give yourself the skills needed to employ your vast imagination whenever you wish.

Sector Seven

By Kaden Sinclair

One thing was clear . . . if Faust gained Jason’s abilities along with the technology of the new nannites, the world would change. And not for the better.

Powerful Techs might be the key to destroying Faust’s plans, but could they intervene? If it was possible to engage with them, would they destroy Jason, too?It didn’t help, or even make sense, that Jason found himself attracted to one of these hybrids, but then life as he’d known it wasn’t making sense.

Soon that wouldn’t matter, for he was sure to be dead anyway.

A Kiss in Kyoto: A story of love in Japan

By Kumiko Olson

Naomi’s parents approved the match for her omiai. The man possesses financial security and other attributes her parents sought for her marriage. Yet her heart isn’t lining up with the arrangement. She must push those feelings aside, for tradition dictates that she honor her beloved mother and father. Then, on a weekend trip, she meets Taka. She isn’t prepared to fall for this strikingly handsome man with his quiet smile.

Try as she may, she can’t stop thinking of him . . . and, just maybe, he’s thinking of her. Why can’t she approach life like her friend, Yuki, living free of constrictions? She sees in Yuki everything she wishes to be: beautiful, fashionable, clever, free to make her own choices . . . and oh, so adventurous. But unknown to Naomi, her dearest friend carries a secret that will plummet them both down paths they never could have fathomed.

Taka, too, has his secrets. Naomi struggles to know if Taka truly is the right one for her, or if she must tear her heart away and dutifully enter the arranged marriage. Perhaps she can grow to love her betrothed. Naomi is faced with a difficult and not-so-obvious choice. A Kiss in Kyoto is a sweet romantic suspense from first-time novelist Kumiko Olson.

From Tokyo to America: Seven Times Down Eight Times Up

At thirty, Kumiko Olson, a Japanese language teacher, immigrated to America with her American husband. With great ambition and optimism for her future, she landed in Melbourne, Florida. Her world didn’t exactly turn out as she had envisioned, being faced with one challenge after another. Because of her husband’s constant job changes, the couple drifted from place to place like duckweed. Turmoil reigned in her life, but the biggest upheaval was her divorce. With a rough road of many twists and turns, this is the story of how a shy Japanese girl became truly resilient and liberated. She subtitles her book “Seven times down, eight times up.” For her, willpower is similar to the characteristic of the Daruma doll (a hollow round shape, weighed at the bottom, which will always return to an upright position when tilted over. This doll symbolizes the ability to have success, overcome adversity, and recover from misfortune.)

GO! How to get going and achieve your goals and dreams at any age

By Marcia K. Morgan

Women share a common epidemic: dream drain. Their goals and dreams are often put on hold or they quietly slip away. They adjust their dreams to fit their circumstances, rather than adjusting their circumstances to fit their dreams.

How do you recover lost goals and dreams? How do you move forward if you are in transition or feeling lost or stuck? The answer can be as simple as focusing on everyday objects.

GO! How to Get Going and Achieve your Goals and Dreams teaches women and girls in four guided steps, how to select and display special objects that represent their goals. Through mindfulness, repetitive visualization and tenacious planning, the Goal Objects (GO!) become an empowering compass to keep a woman on the path towards her goals.

The Goal Objects become a metaphor of her life and regular reminder of what she wants to achieve.“The first step of any worthwhile journey is the decision to actually go. GO! is a book that helps us find the confidence in ourselves and take the action necessary to make our dreams a reality.” Nicole Stott ARTIST, ASTRONAUT“Morgan’s years of experience working with women and girls ranging from disadvantaged teens to corporate executives make her an excellent guide for any woman who wishes to overcome barriers and realize her dreams.” Sandy Cummings EMMY® AWARD-WINNING JOURNALIST FORMER SENIOR PRODUCER, NBC NEWS

I Have ‘Blah Blah Blah’ in My Ears (Life Lessons, Volume 2)

By Marishu

Taylor is a dreamer. She envisions what she will be doing later, all the while missing what’s going on around her. While Taylor is daydreaming, she misses vital information at school and at home.

What follows are the consequences of not paying attention to instructions and agreements. Nana comes to the rescue and helps Taylor understand how important it is to listen and understand what is going on around her.

Start your own daydreamer down a fresh path by getting this book now.

The Closet Rabbit: The Adventures Of The Enviromals (The Adventures of The Environals Book 3)

By Marishu

In this third book of the Enviromals’ series, we teach children a lesson about hoarding and how to make room for new things your life by getting rid of clutter.

The Junkyard Bear (the Adventures of the Enviromals)

By Marishu

In this second installment of the Enviromals, we arrive in Friendly Forest on Spring Clean-Up Day, but Byron Bear wants to go swimming instead. His favorite pastime is junk collecting, but swimming is a close second.

His friend, Rachel Rabbit, has a problem: her washing machine has broken down. Byron comes to her rescue, and his junk collecting might just pay off. Before long, Byron has fixed her washing machine, and is soon fixing everyone’s repair problems.

This delightful story is about friendship, how we can easily improve our environment, and discovering how our passions can be turned into our life’s purpose.

The Mystery Litterbug: The Adventures of the Enviromals, Volume 1

By Marishu

Will they catch the culprit? Mystery is afoot and Roxy Raccoon & Sally Squirrel are busy trying to figure out who is littering all over Friendly Forest. They hatch a plan, along with their friends, to capture the litterbug and bring them to justice.

Each page is filled with laughter, fun, and beautiful illustrations. This charming story is a must-read for families who enjoy nature and will inspire everyone to change our world, one kind action at a time.

I Have No in My Tummy (Life Lessons, Volume 1)

By Marishu

Does your child need to learn that “no” isn’t always a bad word? Do they need to understand that “no” is often for their protection?

If your child reacts badly to hearing “no”, this charming story will help give them a new perspective. Young Taylor visits her Nana and Papa’s farm only to make a startling discovery that she has “no” in her tummy!

This delightful read-a-long book teaches young children the value of how words can make you feel and that “no” doesn’t always have to mean something bad. Suitable for ages 4-8, I Have “No” in My Tummy is a must read for families who enjoy nature and will inspire all to change our world, one kind action at a time.

Ascend: Leadership Lessons at 28,000 Feet

By Mark Carr

Extreme adventure and elite leadership meet in this spellbinding account of a veteran Fortune 200 executive’s quest to conquer the legendary Seven Summits—the highest mountains on every continent.

Are there truly business leadership lessons you can learn at 28,000 feet? Well, put it this way–on the mountain, with hurricane-force gales, extreme exposure, and falling ice-blocks the size of a house, if you don’t learn some lessons, and learn them fast, you simply die.

At a time when the rat race has millions of people feeling trapped, discouraged, and drained, Ascend boldly declares you can embrace the challenge of living your dream.

Fat Sour Pickle: A Counting Book for Curious Kids

By Michele Mongrain

Put your little one on your lap and take a rhyming journey into a child’s colorful naptime dream. Never has counting been so much fun.

“Something is odd,” I grumbled and snickled.
“My tummy’s not normal.
I ALWAYS want pickles.”
I laid my head down,
and closed my eyelids,
and, lickety-split,
to dreamland I slid . . .

In this adorable rhyming read-aloud book, a nap time dream helps lift a little boy out of a cranky mood. Dreaming, he travels to a world of talking animals where he meets 2 pandas, then 3 dolphins, 4 monkeys, and so on. Even 10 frogs! Children quickly catch on to the silly rhymes, and parents appreciate the message that naps and teachability really are a good thing.

FAT SOUR PICKLE thrills the imagination with its colorful cast of dreamland animals, all who speak their mind on whether or not they like pickles. The clever rhymes not only sneakily teach numbers 1 to 10 but slip in lessons on what foods critters truly want to eat.

Trace That Letter

By Michele Mongrain

For ages 3-5.
A time-tested and proven fun way to learn how to write numbers. This AMAZING—BIG preschool coloring book has over 50 pages that make learning fun!

Help your preschooler get ready for reading, writing AND numbers! This coloring book is packed with fun images from the children’s book FAT SOUR PICKLE. From 1 caterpillar, to 2 pandas, all the way to 10 frogs, learning will feel like play. And by drawing each number (as opposed to typing on a computer) your child will improve their concentration while developing fine-motor skills.

Trace That Letter

By Michele Mongrain

For ages 3-5.
AMAZING—BIG preschool coloring book has over 100 pages that make learning fun!

Help your preschooler get ready for reading and writing! This gigantic coloring book is packed with fun images that will make learning feel like play. Drawing and coloring (as opposed to typing on a computer) helps your child focus and learn.

• 8-1/2″ x 11″ pages of colorful, kid-friendly images help reinforce learning the alphabet
• Easy-to-follow graphics promote self-directed learning
• 112 pages that make learning fun.
• A whopping 4 exercise pages for EACH letter.
• PLUS, 4 pages of whole words your child can trace.
• ALSO an extra 4 pages for writing anything they want (maybe their name!)
• BONUS: Oodles of ready-to-color pictures—just for fun!

A Chef Is Born

By Otto G. Borsich II

Before Otto Borsich competed on Top Chef, before he taught at the Culinary Institute of America, before he ran the kitchens of 4- and 5-star restaurants, he first had to be born. In his no-knives-barred approach to life and cooking, Borsich carves out his own Otto-biography.

Told in his inimitable style, A Chef Is Born details Otto’s life story. A small-town boy from the Midwest with a knack for mischief, he overcomes phenomenal obstacles and learns life’s lessons the hard way. While his buddies dream of being ballplayers, firefighters, or cops, Otto clings to his own vision: he’s going to be a chef.

Today, heeding God’s call, Otto travels the globe to serve and love people in need no matter where that takes him, sometimes ministering through food, sometimes by listening, sometimes lifting spirits with infectious humor, warmth, and anecdotes.

Candid, witty, and sometimes cutting, Otto has much to say.“I love this book! Otto’s recipe for life is as warm and nutritious as his recipes for food! He delights us with musical pairings, hilarious anecdotes, poems, proverbs, even a White House recipe. Delicious!” MARCIA GAY HARDEN, ACADEMY AWARD WINNING ACTRESS “Hail to the Chef! Chef Otto Borsich serves up an inspiring, delicious, and nourishing feast in his book, A Chef is Born. You will ask for seconds.” DR. CONNIE MARIANO WHITE HOUSE PHYSICIAN, REAR ADMIRAL, USN (RETIRED) AUTHOR OF THE WHITE HOUSE DOCTOR: MY PATIENTS WERE PRESIDENTS

Zelfar – Discovery

By Ruth Colter

A Secret Portal,
A Double Life,
And Agony in Paradise

Who could have known a land of peace and promise held a doomed future? Zophie’s great-grandfather discovered the portal that thrust him and fellow explorers from their homes in 1850 Portland, Oregon to a mysterious land of unfettered opportunity for brilliant minds: Zelfar.

Zelfar presents a blank slate for them to create an ideal utopian society and they eagerly discard their old world and embrace their future.

Fast-forward 120 years and life in Zelfar hangs by a perilous thread. The already small society will soon vanish because the population can’t increase. Newborns are dying shortly after birth . . . and nobody knows why. As Zelfar’s leading neo-natal physician, Zophie must find a cure. Desperate, she wonders if she could find a cure in the land they left behind on the other side of the secret portal. But stepping through the portal holds its own horrors. There lies 1971 Oregon with violence, weapons, and dangers that don’t exist in Zelfar. Even so, Zophie furtively straddles both worlds, risking everything in a race against time to find a cure before it’s too late . . . not only for Zelfar, but for those she loves.

Zelfar: The Missing

By Ruth Colter

Utopia isn’t without its problems. Explosions in the paradise of Zelfar send Zophie and her family racing through a hidden portal from their world to America’s state of Oregon. Zophie then has some fast explaining to do when she’s forced to divulge her covert life in Portland to her son, Zack.

Zack is angry—and for good reason. Not only is he thrust into a world he’s never known about and told secrets few would believe, but now his girlfriend’s life hangs by a dangerous thread. Zophie and her husband, Travis, are taxed with finding a cure for Zelfar that will ensure the continuation of the population. Even more is added to Zophie’s plate when people who went missing from Zelfar start showing up in Oregon . . . with no memory of who they are.

It’s only a matter of time before things escalate further and no one is safe . . . in Oregon or in Zelfar.

Martin the Mushroom (The Treasure Adventure Series)

By E. Berglark

Long, long ago, when dinosaurs walked the earth, two unlikely friends – Martin the mushroom and Geo the geode – meet. Soon they embark on a fantastic journey. They discover anything can be an adventure, that mushrooms can live forever, volcanoes bring friends together, and someday a pile of stinky dinosaur poop can become a sought-after treasure.

Based on earth’s geological history, Martin the Mushroom escorts your child through an educational journey from the Jurassic period to today. Your child learns about dinosaurs and diet, geology and gemstones, fossils and friendship, and best of all, confidence and the importance of communication.

And remember – always keep an eye out for more books from The Treasure Adventures Series.

Reaching Beyond: One woman’s inspiring & uncompromising will to live through love & loss with Multiple Sclerosis

By Virginia Neary Carrithers

Virginia Neary Carrithers fought for life and love from a young age. From bouts of croup that nearly killed her as a child, to her mother’s mental illness and cancer, to her beloved brother’s accident that left him a quadrepalegic, and her father’s suicide, Ginny stood strong, developing a deep inner strength. She would need it for the challenges to come.

A free-spirit and talented artist, her life morphed from small town Iowa to the seductive life of the jet-set, where mafia connections, luxury, physical passion, and fame became her norm. When MS sideswiped her health, Ginny, not to be deterred, rose to become a spokesperson for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, helping raise millions for “The Race Against MS.”

The coming years brought marriage to an international playboy, motherhood, and a life-altering move from the U.S. to a 100,000-acre estancia in the Andes of northern Patagonia, Argentina. Pushing past tragedy and disease, Ginny’s life took a path of extremes few can imagine. Through her memories and words, explore and discover how her sense of humor, strength of heart, and creative spirit induced an unexplainable joy in the face of overwhelming odds.