Who Is The Copyright Holder?

You retain copyright to your work. Part of your contract includes the necessity for you to file with the U.S. Copyright Office for copyright and a Library of Congress number, but we can help walk you through this.

How Is The Work Edited?

You’re assigned a personal editor who will work with you to make sure the book is crafted well. As each chapter is edited, you’ll receive a copy of that chapter using the Track Changes element inside of Microsoft Word. This allows you to see what’s being changed and to ask questions if something isn’t clear. You may be asked to make changes or do rewriting, but if so, that will be explained. We use the Chicago Manual of Style as our editing guide.

My Book Was Previously Published. Can It Be Published By The Publishing Circle?

If publication rights have reverted to you, then yes. You’ll be assigned a new ISBN. We will create a new cover design, as the previous one cannot be used.

Do I Need To Be A Public Speaker?

No. That’s one component of how we highlight our authors through events and podcasting, but we know that’s not a fit for everyone. If you’re great at public speaking (or want to be great), that’s an important detail to include in the form you’ll fill out when supplying your manuscript for consideration.

How Often Are Royalties Paid?

We pay starting the second month and continue paying royalties monthly. A small amount is withheld for returns. Exact details will be in your author contract.

Does It Matter If I Haven’t Been Published Before?

Nope. We love new writers. Just be sure you’ve polished your craft so you can have us consider your best work.

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