• Write Well

    Sloppy work won’t pass muster. Yes, we provide professional editing, but that’s for a framework of material that already has the basics of good grammar, sentence structure, and flow.

  • Format

    • Please include your suggested title and the total word count on the title page.
    • Use MS Word, double spaced, with paragraphs indented (not tabbed).
    • Use a 12-point font.
    • The saved version needs to be a .doc or .docx file that has only your first and last name as the file name, for example: janedoe.docx (or .doc). If you’re submitting more than one manuscript for consideration, please label as janedoe2.docx (or .doc).
    • Page margins should be set to 1″ on the top, bottom, and both sides.
    • Please number the pages on the bottom right.
    • Please do not use headers or footers (other than the page number as a footer).

  • No Need To Send To A Specific Editor

    There’s no need to send to a specific editor, as we make the assignments. If you feel you must have a salutation, “Dear Selection Committee” is fine.

  • Specify The Genre

    Please specify the genre most closely aligned to your work. If you think it’s multi-genre material, specify those genres.

  • We Do Not Accept Unfinished Fiction

    We do not accept unfinished fiction. Initially, you will send us five double-spaced pages. If we accept the work, you’ll need to have the entire manuscript finished, no exceptions.

  • For Nonfiction

    For nonfiction, please submit a chapter-by-chapter outline with a short paragraph defining what’s in each chapter, and the fully written first chapter. Upon acceptance, you’re expected to have a finished work.

  • Consideration For Children's Books

    If you’re submitting material for consideration for children’s books, please don’t attach artwork unless you are a professional artist.

  • A Nice Cover Letter

    A nice cover letter telling us why you think you’d be a good match for The Publishing Circle’s author list is appreciated, but not essential. We will at some point want to know more about you.

  • Write Well

    Write well. (It’s worth repeating.)

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